Watch Mac Miller And Ariana Grande Get All Hot And Bothered In Their New Music Video

Romance at its finest

Mac Miller and Ariana Grande are Spotify’s second most-streamed couple of 2016 (falling behind the now-defunct Aubrih). Through screens, we’ve watched their love blossom in music, Instagram posts, performances, and now a music video for their song “My Favorite Part.”

The duo plays next door neighbors—Grande the good girl, Miller the chivalrous lovelorn boy. The video shifts from black-and-white to color (with a nice Fiat product placement in there) as the two sing to each other through their apartment walls.

When Grande’s singing part comes around, water somehow becomes involved. Grande just came inside from being out in the rain, which leads us to believe that the two have seriously faulty roofs and should call their super ASAP. By the end, Miller gets so riled up that he works up the courage to knock on Grande’s door. We all know how this story ends.

Watch the full video above.