Photo courtesy of Disney; Republic Records


Whoever Mashed Up Ariana Grande With ‘High School Musical’ Deserves An Award

Sometimes the internet gives us good things

It's crazy to think all it takes to turn the world upside down is Ariana Grande lowering her ponytail. But here we are! No tears left to cry, and the laws of gravity are all but obliterated.

Oh, wait. What's that? Grande wasn't the first to turn the world upside down? Sheesh. It looks like there's a mini-stan war going on between the Arianators and High School Musical fans. Apparently, the video for Grande's latest single, "No Tears Left to Cry," has Troy Bolton truthers saying he walked on walls and ceilings first. I didn't know it was a competition but whatever. It's too easy to find the "winner": The scene in question happened in 2008's High School Musical 3, which is well before Grande's ponytail even existed. So that's that on that. 

Anyway, there are more important things to worry about than who defied gravity first, so we're sending the blessings up to Tumblr user @snaacks for bringing the two together for one epic mash-up. They removed Zac Efron's vocal performance of "Scream" and dubbed Grande's instant classic over it to wondrous effect. Wig? Wig.