Ariana Grande & Troye Sivan Release A Song Of The Summer Contender

Just dance to it

Happy “Dance To This” day, Arianators and Troyeblemakers (I do not know if this is the official name for Troye Sivan fans, but I’m going with it). The song that the two singers have been teasing for a couple of days now is finally here—and it will make you do what the title suggests.

The track veers more Sivan than Ariana Grande in terms of style, but both fan clubs can appreciate its smooth beat and sexy lyrics. The two even do an adorable mini rap in the middle of the track. A duet for the masses! Sivan said about the song in a statement: "'Dance To This’ is about that moment when you feel like you’ve been to enough house parties or events, and staying home and like, making out in the kitchen and cooking dinner sounds like a much, much better alternative.” 

As we’ve said in the past, songs of the summer are tracks you can let loose to, and nothing qualifies more than one you can, well, just dance to—be it out and about or in the confines of your apartment. So, even though our list is already out in the world, we’d add this to it if we could.  

Next up for Arianators? Another song with Nicki Minaj (coming out tomorrow!), a new perfume, and maybe a wedding??? 

Listen to “Dance To This,” below.