armie hammer on the cover of nylon guys

The directors favorite new leading man who does all his own stunts…

by Josh Madden

When NYLON Guys' David Walters headed for LA to meet and interview our cover dude Armie Hammer, he had no idea that he'd be clinging to the actor on the back of a Vespa as they ripped through the city, like a scene out of one of his action movies (or maybe Dumb and Dumber). The guys spent the day riding around town, eating sushi, kicking it with Hammer's artist bestie, and most importantly discussing his surprising path to success. The 6' 5" thespian, who grew up in the Cayman Islands, shared stories of dirt bike and machete adventures from his youth, and doing his own stunts in this summer's The Lone Ranger. Though the actor may be best know from his turn as the Winklevoss twins in The Social Network, that's all about to change this summer with his go as The Masked Crusader. Check out the full story on page 106 of the July issue of NYLON Guys and get inspired by Hammer's hard-working approach and not-so-expected path to success.

Hammer on growing up in the Cayman Islands: "I got around on a dirt bike. I would grab my machete and just wander; I used to get ringworm from walking around barefoot."

Hammer on dropping out of high school to be an actor: "My parents were definitely disappointed. I got my G.E.D., so they told me 'You now have the year it would have taken you to finish high school to pursue acting.'"

Jerry Bruckheimer on working with Hammer: "We didn't have to push Armie. In fact, I think it was the opposite. We almost had to hold him back."

Gore Verbinski on Hammer's upward trajectory: "He is rare in today's landscape of actors. I think he is going to find a great many directors who need him. He's a color that has really been missing, and a limited palette limits the painter."