aroma collection by the art of shaving

Make your shave easier from start to finish with a new collection that takes out the guess work…

by Christian Lavery

With a name like The Art of Shaving, there’s no reason to turn to anyone else when relieving your face of its whiskers. It just wouldn’t make sense.more

Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the brand uses premium quality ingredients that help do things like minimize razor burn and ingrown hairs as well as keep your skin protected and moisturized.The brand’s Aroma Collection is full of pre-shave oils, shaving creams, and after-shave balms that aim to soothe your skin throughout the entire process—from the moment you pick up the razor to the second you place it down. And although it’s up to you to pick your favorite scent from the varying assortment, we don’t think that any will disappoint. Shop the range HERE.