Amy Adams Gets Some Major Alien Face Time In The New ‘Arrival’ Trailer

Are they friend or foe?

by daniel barna

The alien invasion movie has almost become a genre of its own, with humans usually playing the role of the heroes, forced to defend their planet against hostile UFOs. But based on the just-released trailer for the hotly anticipated sci-fi saga Arrival, it looks like director Denis Villeneuve has subverted that dynamic in a totally fascinating way.

While last week's teaser ended just before the linguist Louise Banks (Amy Adams) made contact with whatever entities lurk inside the mysterious fleet of egg-shaped spacecrafts that descend on planet earth, the full trailer shows Adam's character finally making contact. As she tries to figure out whether they're friend or foe, Adams gets much closer to them than anyone ever expected. 

Do they mean us harm? Are they here to help? Maybe they just really want to hear that new Frank Ocean record? Whatever the case may be, Arrival looks like the perfect antidote to the overblown Independence Day-style actioners that flood our theaters during the summer months. And since it hits theaters on November 11, which is right in the heart of awards season, expect this one to be in the mix come Oscars time.

Watch the thrilling trailer for Arrival above.