“Floating Ice cream” by soshiro matsubara


our favorite artworks from art basel miami 2014

everything but picasso, baby.

by busra erkara

Art Basel Miami Beach is dubbed spring break for grown-ups: You have downtown New York kids, rappers (think: multiple A$APs in attendance this year, Kanye’s Cadillac collab last year, Jay Z’s “Twin Bugattis outside the Art Basel” line from a certain song called "Picasso Baby"), the couture-wearing Euro crowd, and collectors willing to drop millions at the snap of a finger. Although the visitors' focus on art has become somewhat questionable over the past few years, it still remains one of the best places to see piercing new work from emerging artists and—depending on where you go—20th century classics for sale. 

Without further adieu, click through the gallery to see a roundup of best artworks we spotted at the satellite fairs (because we're all about up-and-coming and contemporary), in no particular order. 

“Pacific Inn” by SuttonBeresCuller via Greg Kucera Gallery at UNTITLED.

“Rotschild’s Wifi” by Jonathan Monaghan via Bitforms Gallery at UNTITLED.

“Designer Ideal Woman” by Allie Pohl via AKArt at SCOPE Art Fair.

“Floating Ice cream” by Soshiro Matsubara via XYZ at NADA Art Fair.

“M-106XSD” by Nathaniel de Large via  247365 at NADA Art Fair.

“Red” and “Frame 4” by Elin Melberg via Prosjecktrom Normanns at UNTITLED.

“The Birth of Feminism” by Guerilla Girls via Milk and Night at SELECT Art Fair.

“Grand Revival” by Ramiro Gomez via Charlie James at Pulse Art Fair.

“Woman” Series by Sara Cwynar via Cooper Cole at NADA Art Fair.

“Untitled” by Sara Greenberger Rafferty via Rachel Uffner at NADA Art Fair.