print isn’t dead - it’s undead.

by faran krentcil

Back when there were no blogs, zines were for the kids who wished they controlled the publishing industry. But now that Facebook, Wordpress, and the Dot Com matrix ensure kids do, Zines are becoming a subtle and sweet alternative to street art.

Witness the rise of Zachary Zezima, a Brooklyn-based illustrator whose latest project, Theories of Death and Nature is a tiny pink powerhouse of art and social commentary - all packed into a super-cute little Zine.

Pick it up on Etsy for $6, but don't expect interviews and cut-and-paste Xerox graphics from your favorite local bands. This labor of love is all art, all the time - and after we're done reading it, we're gonna cut it up and post it all over our bedroom.

Take that, Blogspot.com.

Theories in Death and Nature, a Zine by Zachary Zezima. $6 by clicking here.