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Ashley Graham Wants People To Stop Calling Her A “Real Woman”

The model explained why she doesn’t like the label

by Hafeezah Nazim

Ashley Graham let it be known that she is not here for body-shaming of any kind. The model recently expressed her issue with people calling her "a real woman."

Graham, who has always been vocal about celebrating women of all sizes (and criticizing brands that don't), took to her Instagram Stories to state that comments praising her and her body in her latest Swimsuits For All photo shoot were actually problematic. Phrases describing Graham as a "real woman" particularly struck a chord with the model, because she says it excludes other women.

“We are all real women,” she wrote in her Instagram Stories, with an emphasis on the word “all.” “I can’t stand it when I read comments that say, 'Finally, a real woman.' No matter your size/shape/amount of cellulite—we are in this together.”

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Not only did she address the fact that a woman's worth is not measured by her body type but, more importantly, pointed out that phrases like that pit women against each other instead of uniting them. 

Graham for president, anyone?