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    because violet eyeshadow is the way to go.

    by · April 29, 2014

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    The Curator: Steff Yotka, Associate Web Editor
    The News: The Creator of Freaks and Geeks Has a New TV Show in the Works
    Called Other Space, Paul Feig’s new TV show is about intergalactic outsiders who come upon a new basically Freaks and Geeks in Space. It’s going to be on streaming on Yahoo! so you can binge watch it without shame. The Look: Risto Short-Sleeved Knit TeeLast summer I invested in a crochet Risto top as a B-day present to myself, and I have to say, I think it might be the best present I’ve ever gotten. That’s why I’m planning on treating myself this year to this Risto knit tee--in blue and yellow it has my fave colors on it, and is way more rad than your normal white T-shirt. It also looks like it came out of Dazed and Confused, which is a must for any piece in my summer wardrobe.
    The Face: Ashley Madekwe’s Violet EyeshadowIt all started with Marc Jacobs’ Style Eye-Con Palette in The Siren. Despite the fact that I know colored eyeshadow is nearly impossible to pull off, I’ve been sporting a different shade every day of the week since scooping up the palette, and I’ve been loving it. Enter Ashley Madekwe with flawless violet shadow at a Lanvin party in Los Angeles, and I’m already scouring Sephora for a similar shade or lilac. I think this Smashbox Photo Op Shadow in Vignette is going to do the trick.
    The Inspiration: “Indie Alaska” by PBSI’m determined to plan a rad summer vacation this year, and while perusing locales, I stumbled upon this PBS video about a surfer who was born and raised in Alaska. Aside from the breathtaking scenery, the challenges of surfing in such a cold climate are truly insane. Watch it below and see for yourself. The Song: “Vanessa” - GrimesI start every single day the exact same way: by playing Visions by Grimes on my iTunes while getting dressed and then checking her Tumblr for new inspiration the second I sit down at my desk. (It’s the secret to making every day feel awesome, no matter what.) Today, though, I’m throwing back to Grimes’ and d’Eon’s 2011 EP Darkbloom because “Vanessa” is exactly the track that will make you get out of your (desk) chair and dance.
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