Ashton Kutcher Kutcher Proves Smart Phone Addiction In These Motorola Ads


Taking a page out of his Punk'd playbook, Ashton Kutcher teamed up with Motorola to prank a bunch of unsuspecting civilians, with the goal of showing them—and us—how addicted we are to our phones. We'd like to preface the rest of this blog post by acknowledging that yes, we are addicted to our phones, but it was still fun to see that dependency manifest itself in Kutcher's elaborate ruse.

The ad, which is part of a larger campaign called "#PhoneLove," features people in a booth with their hands on a glass table and their phones in the middle. They are not allowed to touch their phones, which becomes increasingly more difficult as Kutcher and his team bombard them with texts and phone calls. It's admittedly not as genius as convincing Justin Timberlake that his most valuable items are being reposessed, but considering this is essentially just a cell phone commercial, we say not bad at all.

(via Mashable)