private icon: to kill a mockingbird

he might not be your dad—but you can definitely get atticus finch’s style.

by nylon

There are all sorts of dads in pop culture, from the cold-hearted Don Drapers to the goofy Clark Griswolds to the stoic Pa Ingalls. But few can compare to the ultimate in fictional fathers, To Kill a Mockingbird Atticus Finch. Whether you got to know the truth-seeking lawyer through Harper Lee's Pulitzer Prize-winning 1960 novel or via the 1962 film adaptation featuring Gregory Peck (for which he won an Oscar), it's hard to not root for a guy who both takes care of a tomboy like Scout and fights for justice regardless of racial prejudice.

While we celebrate our own dad's this weekend, we can take a page from the onscreen depiction, whether it's via Atticus' thick glasses and penchant for tweed, or for his daughter Scout's preference for boy-cut jeans and plaid jackets.

And if you haven't watched it before? Well, we think we've just found the perfect activity for you and pops come Sunday.

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