Aubrey Plaza Cassorla

watch aubrey plaza’s music video!

by liza darwin

Along with giving frigid side-eye and making us laugh out loud with one April Ludgate glare, Aubrey Plaza has another special talent....sort of. She apparently "plays" the saxophone! OK, so maybe the skill isn't quite real, but Plaza's cameo in her friend Ben Cassorla's music video is still nothing short of amazing. Watch the Parks & Rec star lounge on a paddleboat and rock out in Cassorla's video for "Bona Fide" below. (Vulture

The Golden Globe Awards presenters were announced this morning, and Robert Downey Jr, Jennifer Lawrence, Colin Farrell, and more will be onstage to give awards. So if Amy Poehler and Tina Fey's co-hosting gig weren't enough to convince you to cancel your plans and watch the show on Sunday, then this should definitely be reason enough. (The Guardian)

Lorde is performing at the Grammys! The 17-year-old, who's up for a whopping four awards (NBD, right?) is slated to sing at the ceremony. Robin Thicke, Daft Punk and Stevie Wonder are also on board to perform. Get the details, and start placing bets on which song Lorde will sing--our money's on "Team." (

Speaking of Lorde... when she and Tavi get join forces, it's basically a teenage explosion of awesomeness. Leave it to these two to turn a basic Skype interview into a six-page feature about scary movies, Tumblr, and dealing with annoying teenage bulls***. it's long, but it's worth reading the whole way through. (Rookie)

She may be the new face of Chanel now, but don't forget-- Kristen Stewart is also still doing double-duty as the spokesmodel for Balenciaga's fragrances. See her show off the newest perfume, Rosabotanica (wearing nothing but a bunch of illustrated flowers) in the campaign here. (Fashionista)

Need new music? The sing-along single from Ula Ruth should do the trick. (NYLON Guys)