Photos: Courtesy of RCA.


Nick Carter And Avril Lavigne Have A Song Together

pop-punk’s back…alright?

Calling all ye sk8r bois and girls! Pop punk did not die a longwinded song-title death. It has been living inside Backstreet Boy Nick Carter all along, and now it’s here! With Avril Lavigne!

“Get Over Me” is straight outta 2006 or 2007. (Somewhere, the ghost of blink-182 is running naked on the beach, thanking Carter for bringing their sound back.) It’s about a “stage-five clinger” that’s “trying to put a ring on [Carter’s] finger.” Lavigne has to deal with a similar sitch in her verse. The lyrics are a little over the top, but the delivery is pure MySpace nostalgia. If AIM was still a thing and Away Messages were used to subtweet the people in our life, you can bet this song would be typed out, set in “punk” colors, and captioned with “u kn0 who u r.” Oh, the sweet, sweet memories.

All American, Nick Carter’s third solo-album, is out now.