a sneak peek at our music issue cover star!

by nylon

Avril Lavigne has been featured on NYLON's cover not once, not twice, but now--with this year's annual Music Issue--three times. But there's still plenty to talk about with our June/July star; not only does she have a new guy, a new record label, and a new(ish) clothing line Abbey Dawn, but also a new album. Though we have to wait until this fall to hear her fifth album, writer Liz Armstrong caught up with the Canadian singer-songwriter to get a preview. "This time it's not just all songs about relationships and dudes," explained Lavigne.

Before the issue officially hits newsstands on May 29, check out our sneak peek below along with exclusive outtakes from the shoot!

On her music industry origins:

"I wasn't the girl baring her midriff with backup dancers and a headset microphone. I came out and had a lot to say with my lyrics, and I played the guitar. I had a completely different getup, stage presence, everything."

On her new direction with this album:

"I just wanted to write songs and make something that was a little more artistic. I wanted to go down that road, I wasn't trying to write a big radio record."

On not holding back lyrically:

"Lyrically I pushed myself to talk about different subjects I haven't talked about before. I didn't want to be so simple. I tried to really express myself and go deeper."

On her fiance Chad Kroeger:

"He does what I do--he's a rocker, he plays guitar, he's onstage every night, he writes songs[....]We were having a really good time. We hit it off as writing partners, then friends, and we started dating last summer."

On always being totally honest:

"I'm so transparent. If I'm not being myself, I won't do well, and that goes for writing songs, work, relationships, everything. And if I'm not happy, people are going to know that."


Dress by AllSaints, necklace by Samira13


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Dress by AllSaints, necklace by Samira13