Azealia Banks Gives Off Major Medusa Vibes in “Ice Princess”

ice cold.

Prepare for another cold front—Azealia Banks is giving a frozen forecast in her latest music video for "Ice Princess." While she's known for stirring up some controversies in her recent tell-all Playboy interview and on Twitter, the rapper is showing just how strong she really is, as she takes on magical Medusa-like powers to defeat anything in her way.

Directed by We Were Monkeys, the video for the 23-year-old's single from her debut album Broke with Expensive Taste is heavily animated and stylized in a way that's a mix of Game of ThronesFrozen, and Greek mythology. Surrounded by an army of CGI ice robot-ninja-warriors, Banks has the presence of a queen rather than a princess. With a giant frozen pedestal that makes the Iron Throne look like a measly chair, she commands attention both with her menacing (yet super-cool) snake headdress and impressive rhymes. It's clear that Banks has proved her talent as a rapper—and now her ice princess persona is helping her to take down anyone who may try to cross her. She's not here to play games.

With an on-point aesthetic and giant pet basilisk to fly her through the sky, frozen royal Banks takes charge of her wintery kingdom while throwing out some tight verses. Watch the video below.