Photo by JP Yim/Getty Images

This Is What Aziz Ansari Sounds Like As A Puppy

cute, but serious

Based on what you've already seen on shows like Parks and Recreation and Master of None, comedian Aziz Ansari specializes in speaking in funny voices. (I mean, it's kind of necessary, given his line of work.) This time, however, Ansari is totally serious for his role as the voice of a 10-month-old dog named Buddy. Ansari is featured in this week's episode of “Heavy Petting,” a weekly video series by Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls and ASPCA that showcases dogs available for adoption. In the video, we find out that Buddy is a Maltese mix with a tough guy exterior from the Big Apple. (And yes, he has a New York accent.)

If Ansari can't convince you to adopt or foster an animal or volunteer at a local shelter, do you even have a heart?! Watch all the cuteness, below.