Aziz Ansari Lives The Good Life In The New ‘Master Of None’ Trailer

Italy looks fun

When season one of Master of None ended with Aziz Ansari’s Dev Shah taking a sudden flight to Rome to follow his bliss and become a pasta maker, you knew that at least some of season two would have to unfold in Europe. A parody Kanye music video and some Instagram posts confirmed that fact. And now, the first full trailer for season two double confirms it with glimpses of Dev running through a list of hedonistic, peak Italy activities like sipping espresso, riding a Vespa through the countryside, sampling the freshest cheese, and jumping in a swimming pool in a fine, tailored suit. It’s almost as if Ansari set part of this season in Italy so he and his friends can have a paid vacation, which is a boss move. 

The trailer toggles between Dev’s Italian adventures and his life back in New York, which includes typical New York moments like drinking on rooftops, dinner with the folks, and collapsing on your couch at the end of a long night. Oh, and dinner parties where John Legend is playing the piano. We also get a look at major guest stars like Angela Bassett, Bobby Cannavale, and a new Italian love interest. But conspicuously absent is Noël Wells, who left Tokyo at the end of season one, leaving Dev heartbroken. Our hunch is that will come into play when the season premieres on May 12. Watch the trailer above.