b.j. novak in nylon guys

The Office star can do more than just act…

by Christian Lavery


Even though B.J. Novak may be best known for his role as Ryan Howard on The Office, the 34-year old Newton, Massachusetts native admits that writing was his first love. (He even used to boost so-so math grades in middle school with extra-credit essays about the history of Pi). But his passion for jotting down words and crafting stories didn’t end there. Most recently, the dozens and dozens of notebooks he keeps in his Hollywood Hills home have become the foundation for his new book One More Thing.

In this month’s issue, on page 94, we caught up with Novak to get the scoop on the book as well as a few other projects he’s working on. Continue below:

On his new book One More Thing:

“It has a lot to do with fame and success and whether you feel like you’re getting closer to transcendence, and the answer is always you are and you aren’t.”

On his next role:

“That’s like my dream thing. A friend [Director Marc Webb] emails and says, ‘You want to be in Spider-Man 2?’ Yeah, I’d love to.”