Baby Blue Breaking Bad Jeans

the special love i had for you, my baby blue.

by steff yotka


WHAT: Straight Leg Jeans in Pacific Blue

WHERE: Stylebop for $132

WHY: It's been three days and still all we can talk about is Breaking Bad. We're not about to spoil the series finale for those who haven't caught it yet, but we will say that we'll never forget that special love we had for you, our baby blue. (OK, we're going to spoil it a little by telling you which song plays over the show's final scene. Sorry.) After continuously humming Badfinger's 1972 hit "Baby Blue" at our desks since 10AM this morning, we thought of a more productive way to cope with our post-Breaking Bad nostalgia: jeans. These IRO distressed jeans are the exact shade of Walt and Jesse's top quality product, meaning we can spend all day looking at our legs, remembering the good times brought to us by Heisenberg. We're blue, and we're going to show it.