“we’re going to spend most of our time here at the skate park!”

by liza darwin

When I caught up with Hannah and Colette Thurlow at SXSW, they weren't backstage prepping for their set like I originally thought. They weren't even watching the other bands over at the nearby Fader Fort. Instead, the sister duo otherwise known as 2:54 were enthralled in something else entirely- watching the local skaters compete in a half pipe competition. It's a fitting scene for the London natives, whose breakout EP is filled with punk-inflected woozy shoegaze that's equal parts pretty and haunting (think the xx meets Chelsea Wolfe, and you'll get the idea....). While the skaters were on break, the girls filled us in.

What do you think of Austin so far?

Colette- We're really enjoying the skate show right now, actually!

Hannah- Yeah, I get the feeling that we're going to be spending most of our time here at the skate park! We love Austin [laughing].

Did you always want to be musicians?

Colette- We've been playing guitar since we were little kids, messed around together for fun. It's incredible that we still get to do it; that's the dream, right now.

It's your first-ever SXSW. What's in your survival kit?

Colette- Advil, soap and water [laughing].

Hannah- Having a van is pretty good, too! Easy to get around town.

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