band crush: active child

shadowy shoegaze pop that’s definitely not just for kids.

by liza darwin

Even though he has yet to release his debut album, in many ways Pat Grossi's reputation precedes him. Operating under the alias Active Child, this L.A.-based musician has already toured with everyone from James Blake to School of Seven Bells and won a loyal fanbase from his EP, 2010's Curtis Lane. And we're betting it's about to get a lot bigger, thanks to an upcoming full-length record that's laced with harpsichord, shimmery electronic beats, and echo-y choruses. Meet Active Child and download his new single free below.

How did you get started in music?

It was not something where I was like, "I'm going to write songs and try to get signed to a label." I felt like I had something inside of me that I wanted to pull out and it happened to be music. I started recording stuff and playing it for close friends, and they were like- everyone needs to see this I grabbed onto that confidence booster and went from there. I spread it out from my social network, and people responded.

Who are you still dying to work with?

In my dreams, I'd love to work with Bjork. She's just this powerhouse queen of creation. in a more realistic sense, I loved working with How To Dress Well. He's so cool and there's something just really interesting about collabing with an artist that pulls different audiences together. We're doing another triple collab on "Playing House," which comes out in September. It's me, HTDW, and then The Cool Kids throwing rhymes.

How is your new album, You Are All I See, different than your other work?

It moves into a more polished direction; it has a wider array of sounds, and it's a little more complex. It's almost like the album is split in half between a r&b vibe and a more eery darkness.

People say your sound is really cinematic. If your songs could soundtrack any film, what would it be?

In terms of films out now, I felt like Tree of Life had a really powerful cinematic quality to it. It wasn't a normal movie pace and really interesting visuals. I would love to score something like that and add some electronic ambient stuff to that.

Download the single "Playing House" here and click here for more Active Child.

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