band crush: beach day

get the sunny, ’60s-inspired band’s debut album a week early!

by rebecca willa davis

When we talked to Beach Day last year, singer and guitarist Kimmy Drake hinted at an upcoming full-length album. Well good news: Trip Trap Attack, the Hollywood, Florida-based trio's debut record, is hitting record store shelves on June 18. And you don't have to listen closely to the laugh in the opening track's opening seconds to know that this sun-washed, '60s-inspired album is a good time; as Drake puts it, "I would definitely describe the music as super fun. We always have fun; the way we look at touring and stuff, every day is an adventure, whatever comes along just try to go with the flow and have fun no matter what. That's my life motto." Of course, it's not all one big day at the beach; tracks like "Seventeen," helmed by Drake's commanding voice, are tinged with sadness in the same way as our favorite radio hits from the early rock years.

As for that girl group sound, Drake promises that it was entirely organic: "Skyler [Black, the band's drummer] and I both grew up completely on '60s music, and I never played with someone who loved that stuff as much as I do. So when we played together it just happened naturally." And though the band's philosophy is all about rolling with the punches, they've had a few lucky breaks come their way. For example, soon after making a Facebook page with just two songs, Jim Diamond--who produced the first two White Stripes albums--messaged them. "It was definitely a surprise," remembers Drake. "We were like, 'Let's just do it, this is fun!'"

Needless to say, you'll have a good time when you hear it yourself. "First of all, you have to play it loud. Crank it up," advises Drake, before adding, "And I would say go into [Trip Trap Attack] just to hang out and have fun--it's not serious. There might be some serious stuff [in the music], but you'd have to look to find it; sometimes the melodies are really upbeat but in the lyrics there's some darker stuff."

Hear for yourself: We've got an exclusive stream of the album a week early! Put on your sunglasses, find a place to chill, and then press play.

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