the ultimate psych-out.

    by · October 18, 2010
    Leave it to Brooklyn’s Bear in Heaven to create a new kind of synth-driven, psych-rock sound that’s entirely all their own. The trio’s musical vibe is so unique, in fact, that their latest album, Beat Rest Forth Mouth, is almost impossible to classify- even for the band members themselves. For us, the record is an all-absorbing fusion of chords and choruses that’s been on repeat since we first heard it several weeks ago. But since everyone has a different listening experience with Bear in Heaven, we asked bassist/guitarist Adam Wills to fill in a few blanks. How the band came about....We’ve been playing together for about 7 years total. The first 3 or 4 years were just messing around, nothing too serious. We never set out with serious goals, but the project eventually just evolved into a “real band” once we decided to really invest in it. We became really serious last year, when we put out our last album [Beast Rest Forth Mouth] and it seemed to take hold. You’d describe the sound of Beast Rest Forth Mouth.....It’s impossible to describe. I always like what other people think it is; I feel weird trying to describe it myself. We’ve never put never a lot of thought into what we wanted to sound like. If there were ever a conscious thought, it would be that we didn’t want to sound like anyone else. People should listen to the album because....For me, it’s an honest record that came out really well thanks to good intentions. It wasn’t like we tried to make something specific; it’s just very much “us.” It isn’t like this hooked-up, “This is what this band is going to sound like” kind of band.Their goals for the future...I always love records that nobody appreciates in their time. For instance, when you come across a record that has a neat cover, that someone reissued 20 years later, and then you can re-discover it for yourself. I’ve always wanted to be one of those bands that people can relive years later. Your album is perfect for.....People have told us that it’s perfect for basically any situation. My mom is always like, “Why does everyone say this is an album to do drugs to?” [Laughing]. Some people have said it’s an awesome driving record. You can also take it to the gym and listen to it on the elliptical. Or, you can listen to it while doing all three! Just kidding.
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