rock your world with an audio/visual explosion.

by liza darwin

We've shouted out to Breton a couple times before- first on the blog last fall, and then just last week in Good Listener- but now that these U.K. guys have finally released their new album stateside, it seems only appropriate to officially crown them our newest Band Crush.

This set of southeast Londoners are already awesome multi-instrumentalists (where else can you find strings, thumping bass, synths, drums, and laptop-contrived beats all in one song?!), but that's not enough. They're also accomplished indie filmmakers, and the group's movie background is evident in their music videos, like the one for their new single "Interference." Pair this shrouded, scuzzy sound with unable-to-tear-your-eyes-away visuals, and what do you get? The most daring band we've seen-and heard- in months, that's what.

Check out the video for "Interference" below.

Buy Breton's album Other People's Problems on iTunes.