they’ve got a major internet following…but who are they?

by liza darwin

Google, "Cults" and you can probably guess what types of results you'll find (weird ones). Even trying "Cults band" leads to almost nothing.

Believe it or not, this mystery isn't a marketing ploy to generate more hype- instead, it just shows how quickly this NYC band has risen to fame.

Guitarist Brian Oblivion and lead singer Madeline Follin only posted a couple of songs on the internet a few months ago for their friends. The tracks caught on and lead to a record deal, gigs with Best Coast and Sleigh Bells, and a huge internet following.

And since you probably recognize their songs from our NYLON TV videos, we figured it was about time to officially name them our Band Crush.

The duo might only be in their early twenties and lead double lives as college film students, but their 60's-tinged pop tracks are anything but innocent. It's probably because songs like "Go Outside" and "Most Wanted," are shrouded in haunting undertones, which keep the melodies from becoming too sugary sweet.

One reason why their buzz is spreading at lightspeed? They've posted three of their singles on their website, where you can download the complete 7" free.

Check it out, and you'll understand why they can't keep themselves a secret for much longer.