the artist dubbed the next lana del rey tells us about her new EP.

by ray siegel

If Brooklyn-based artist Ivana XL was ever on your radar, you might remember her super lo-fi music with only herself and her guitar. She's since reinvented her sound and vibe altogether and is now going by the name Eddi Front. "I felt like this new sound and project should have a new name. Also, I always wanted a boy's name and I think that Eddi Front sounds very strong." It isn't just her new name that sounds very strong—judging by her last song "Gigantic," she had strong feelings for her ex. It's not much of a change for Front, whose always had a knack for songs about heartbreak, but her three new songs show Front's evolution since her lo-fi days. Between the stark, beautiful piano in the background and her almost eerie voice it's impossible not to feel Front's pain.

Pick up the album here, watch her new video for "Gigantic," and then hear what Front has to say:

How long did it end up taking you to "crawl out of the hole," as you say in "Gigantic?"

It took about a year!

At what point in the breakup process did you write this album?

I wrote it right before I started making my way back to feeling good again.

So it helped you get over the relationship?

I am over all of my past relationships. Time is an excellent healer.

It's pretty courageous of you to write about your personal life this way—is it that you hope these guys get the message or do you not care about that either way?

Thanks! I write really just for myself, so that I can get it out, like a release of negative energies.

You've been at this for awhile. Do you feel like you're finally on the brink of something big?

I'm still doing the same basic things: still waitressing and living with my roommates and my kitty. But it does feel like things are quickly changing…I can even feel a new haircut coming on.

Some say that Lana Del Rey stole your thunder or that you're picking up where she left off. Would you say that either of those are accurate?

I don't feel any lack of thunder. I might even have some extra thunder for any ladies who might be running a little low.

How would you describe your own style?

I like to dress according to my mood but right now I enjoy wearing boys' clothes with dark or bright lipsticks and small gold jewelry.

What do you think everyone should know about Eddi Front?

That I'm very friendly but that I also carry mace for necessary defenses.

What is your most recent favorite album?

It's from 2007, but I recently started listening to Vic Chesnutt's North Star Deserter and fell in love.

What are your most favorite and least favorite things about the current state of the music industry?

I think that our social media outlets kill a lot of mystery in music and art in many ways, but that is how most people choose to get their information and is what is fueling the industry today. At the same time I love that anybody can produce their own music with a microphone and a computer and it can be heard anywhere in the world—instantly. That is a beautiful thing.