band crush: fatima al qadiri

a video game inspired her new song and biggest statement yet.

by ray siegel

Fatima Al Qadiri composes music that wish more DJs would play when you're out at night though there was a point in Qadiri's life when she wasn't able to get out much at all. In fact, she could count on one hand the number of times that she went out alone while she was living in Kuwait during the Golf War. Instead she focused on what was available to her: fashion magazines (which is why she has such good style and an insanely cool designer wardrobe), art, music, and like most kids from the '90s an intense video game obsession.

Her and her sister played Desert Strike: Return to the Gulf for hours and that's what inspired her new EP—the irony being that the game is a virtual depiction of Operation Desert Storm. The song's dedication is listed on her site."This EP of original works is dedicated to the synthesis of terror and child-like wonder, to the strategies of imagination and gaming, while sonically paying homage to the militaristic futurism of early grime."

Qadiri is safe living in Brooklyn now, but her new song is a reminder that not everyone is and that our votes in this election can help them.

Desert Strike is out now on Fade To Mind.

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