band crush: fort lean

surf’s up…in brooklyn?!

by liza darwin

Fort Lean may reside in Brooklyn, but if their surf-inflected melodies and grungy indie rock sound are any indication, this band is more likely to spend weekends hanging out at Rockaway Beach than in Williamsburg. Already making waves (pun intended) around the city, the five friends have made it their mission to capture that joyous rebelliousness of youth in their effervescent singles like "Beach Holiday" and "Sunsick." And as their breakout performances at CMJ prove, they're doing a damn good job of it (we caught them twice, they were so good).

On the group's Facebook page, they claim that Fort Lean is "a place where you can still see the skyline but you can't hear any cars and you can put all your stolen wine in the stream to keep it cool and when the fire dies out you can see some stars and not too many airplanes." It's still up for debate if that magical location is a stop off the L train, but thanks to these guys, it's also a musical state of mind. Get into it below.