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band crush: iyes

capital P Pop

by nylon

IYES is an electro-pop duo from Brighton, a city with a hallowed dance-music history that they push forward on their excellent new single, "Glow." With his-and-hers vocals courtesy of IYES members Josh Christopher and Melis Soyaslanová, a rapid-fire snare, and echoing atmospherics throughout, the track is a perfect intro to IYES' sound and a good indication of why they were signed by Sony. This is capital P Pop music, and we can't get enough.

How would you describe your aesthetic?

J: The way I would describe IYES aesthetic is timeless. When younger, I’d wear flamboyant colours and wild clothes to portray what kind of emotions I must have been feeling at the time, but now, I’m all about monochrome colours.

How did your career get started?

J: In the early stages, we just put up a handful of demos to feed blogs that went crazy over our first demo, “Lighthouse.” We rode the buzz-wave; if the blogs love your music and you’re fresh, a few will post about you and then the rest will follow.

What are you most proud of so far in terms of your career?

M: That we have got people who believe in us and support us, from fans, to our team, to our management and family. It’s a very nice position to be in. 

What famous person dead or living do most wish you could have as a roommate?

M: I would like to live with Will Smith because I think he would be the most inspiring of people and be able to teach me wisdom quicker than experiences can. I think he’s the best example of a good parent and good person.

What is your favorite driving music?

M: When I drive I like to listen to Bonobo. That’s what we listened to a lot on tour with Raleigh Ritchie. It holds good memories I suppose.

J: I like anything really, anything where I can dream about being the producer creating it! I love to sit there and just say to myself “How the fuck did he compress that so well?” or “What kind of saturation plug-in is that?”

What activities do most enjoy doing alone?

M: Some Yoga and/or any kind of sweat-inducing exercise. I do a lot of writing music alone too, as I feel it’s where I write wholeheartedly and best.

J: I like spontaneous nights sitting at a bar alone and getting to know new people and make new friends. It’s a great confidence-boosting technique.

How do you wind down before bed?

J: Melis drinks her body weight in herbal tea. The amount of tea I watch her drink day and night, when we’re working or when we’re chilling, she’s addicted. I like to watch a really dark thriller, or a touch of red wine. Can’t beat it.

What kind of person were you in high school?

M: I’m an educational person so I learned a lot, but to be honest, I never liked school. It was great for socialising though, and the best part about school is seeing friends and chasing boys, right?

J: I was quite dysfunctional as you could probably imagine. I got good grades though!

What are some new hobbies you would like to take on?

M: Dance. I really want to try dance. 

J: I’d be interested in learning more about cooking. It’s something i’m passionate about and creative with, but I need to learn a little more before I can take a path into the gourmet world.

How do you hope to grow as a creative person?

M: To be able to write better songs and learn music theory properly.

J: I’m not sure how to answer that one. Come back to me in a few years and I’ll have an answer to it.