boys with guitars to start your monday off right.

by liza darwin

After some real life research this weekend, we've come to a totally (un)official conclusion: it's almost impossible to listen to indie band Jump Into the Gospel and not sing along.

After all, these four NYC boys have perfected their danceable melodies, electrifying guitar riffs, and charming lyrics and rolled them into one irresistible package. Their first single, "Humvee Mansion" is a highly addictive synth-rock gem that reminds us of MONA or The Rassle, but with a decidedly more polished finish.

Sure, these upbeat tracks are guaranteed to get stuck in your head. But even though the songs might have a sugary, guilty-pleasure vibe, with music this good, you definitely don't have anything to feel guilty about.

Now, they're giving away their EP on Band Camp. You know what that means...it's only a matter of time before you are bobbing your head and singing along, too.

Check it out here!