band crush: lissie

take a trip to the mississippi river… by way of london.

by faran krentcil

We've been crushing so long and so hard on the musician Lissie Trulllie that we almost didn't notice another Lissie coming into her own through music.

This one (no last name, just "Lissie") hails from Rock Island Illinois, and became a rock singer the traditional way - after getting thrown out of high school for spitting in a teacher's face. Strangely though, her music is less of a scream-and-yell, and more of a gentle rock thump that recalls both Nashville sing-a-longs and Tegan & Sarah. In other words, perfect road trip music.

Lissie hasn't quite broken through in America yet, though she's got lots of buzz in England and France. And soon one of her musical stunts should have the US buzzing too - the songstress recently covered Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" - as a country ballad - on YouTube.

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