bonus: we premiere their new music video!

by liza darwin

With badass-sounding tracks like "Skeleton Key" and "Blackeye" off their recently released debut album, the tracklisting for Austin's Love Inks is downright intimidating. Luckily, it takes just one listen to realize that this band is anything but. The trio (comprised of husband and wife duo Kevin Dehan and Sherry LeBlanc, along with their longtime friend Adam Linnell), masterfully crafts infectiously mellow dream pop that's far lighter than these song titles might suggest. They may have the same sparse feel as Warpaint or The xx, but throw in an added dose of Summer Camp's nostalgia, and you'll find that they've got a breathy sound all their own. But don't just take our word for it. Meet frontwoman Sherry and check out their brand new music video below!

What's the story behind your name? [Laughing] This is going to sound really dark and witchy, but there's a chapter in this book called Love Ink that describes in detail the process of burning letters from old lovers and uses those ashes to woo future lovers. I'm not into dark magic at all, but I thought the symbolism was pretty great. I feel like Kat von D sometimes, though, because we have this tattoo-centered name, but it's not like that at all!

How would you describe your sound? Well, we love pop music and I think that's what's coming through in the sound; this pop sensibility in the songs. Everything was very intentional, from the melodies to the lyrics to the way we recorded.

How do you feel, now that your album is out there in the world? It's just exciting to slowly have people hear it and basically be on tour and see the interest slowly increasing. It's interesting because people have a different relationship to different songs.

Can you tell us a little bit about new your video for "Rock On"? A really good friend of mine named Ash made the video. When you hear the track, there's multiple vocal layers and the idea is that there are like 15 women singing the song, and bringing a different kind of energy. We just kind of let Ash go crazy creatively and gave her total freedom. When I saw it and saw the James Dean masks, it was just so awesome.