this baltimore band just wishes we’d chill out…and we’re happy to oblige.

by liza darwin

We all know cats have nine lives, but the same thing could also be said for Lower Dens. The Maryland quintet has two full-length albums under its belt- their sophomore effort Nootropics drops May 1- but thanks to band member switch ups, multiple side projects, and an expansive sound, these guys manage to seamlessly churn out different incarnations of themselves without ditching their roots.

Link: Free music from Lower Dens keyboardist and vocalist Carter Tanton

The latest transformation comes in the form of sweeping harmonies, galloping beats, and a sprawling atmospheric sheen that, in some songs, harkens to fellow Baltimore residents Beach House. Filled with reverberation and stocked with heart, the followup disc is a natural extension of the Lower Dens we've known since 2009. They borrowed the album name from the eponymous "smart drugs" (supposedly nootropics enhance your memory and intelligence), and while we can't guarantee Nootropics will up your IQ level, that's okay. It'll make you bliss out, and that's enough for us.

Listen to Lower Dens here.