they’re a self described “artist collective” who just want to make you dance.

by liza darwin

Musical triple threats are common these days; it's tough to find a performer who isn't a singer, dancer, and instrumentalist. But prepare to be amazed, because emerging band New Villager is multitalented in a whole different way.

The group is a self-proclaimed "artist collective," the core of which are San Francisco natives Ben Bromley and Ross Simonini. According to their website, they specializes in songwriting, video, performance, language, sculpture, drawing, and collage. In other words, it's a band of total overachievers.

And while New Villager's sound has already been described as "Michael Jackson meets the Beatles" (which is undoubtedly a winning combination), we think their chanting choruses, strange New Age vibe, and mystical-sounding beats truly place them in league of their own. Their debut album drops in June, and if the songs we've already heard are any indication, we may have just found our coolest, weirdest, and most addictive summer soundtrack.

Stream their single "Rich Doors" below and hear more from New Villager here.

NewVillager- Rich Doors by Anorak London