The ex-fall out boy breaks out…and we couldn’t be happier.

by liza darwin

If you're spent some time with the NYLON Summer Playlist, then you're probably already crushing on Patrick Stump, the ex-Fall Out Boy crooner who's finding major success solo.

From FOB singles like "Dance Dance" and "Sugar, We're Going Down," Stump's already proven that he has vocal chops. But what we're now learning is that this Illinois native is a true overachiever, playing all the instruments, writing the music and lyrics, and even producing his new album entirely by himself.

Soul Punk won't be released until this fall, but we can get a taste of Stump's heartfelt sound early in sunny pop tunes like "Spotlight (Oh Nostalgia)" and his latest single, the radio-ready track "This City," featuring Lupe Fiasco. These songs might not have the same rebellious punky kick as Fall Out Boy, but they do have silky smooth vocals, R&B tinged melodies, and some very addictive choruses. In other words, Stump might just be the missing ingredient in our late-summer soundtrack.

Watch the video for "Spotlight" below and stream "This City" here, and get ready to be re-introduced to the new and improved Patrick Stump.