it’s the great outdoors blasting from your stereo!

by liza darwin

In a music world currently overloaded with synths and shoegaze, listening to Canadian trio Plants and Animals is a total breath of fresh air- and we're not just talking about their outdoorsy band name.

This Montreal trio has won comparisons to everyone from The Decemberists to Grizzly Bear to Arcade Fire, but we think they're in a league of their own with their guitar-driven indie rock sound. Merging refreshingly intelligent lyrics with a laid-back attitude, songs like "Light Show" have a throbbing energy that seems like it comes from a group much bigger than three.

They've just released their third album The End of That on Secret City Records, and according to guitarist/vocalist Warren Spicer this new record is about getting back to their roots. "We've done a bunch of styles and dabbled in different fields, but we've found our voices on this record," he says. "We wanted to focus on what we were good at."

But even despite the album title, who says anything has to end? Check out the new video below and see why Plants and Animals are only just beginning.

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