band crush: rumer

slow and steady wins this race.

by liza darwin

After listening to Rumer, you'll understand how the Karen Carpenter and Adele comparisons are unavoidable. But although this U.K.-based singer might share these stars' rich voices and slow, soft melodies, we have a feeling she's about to break out into a league of her own very soon.

Born in Pakistan, Sarah Joyce gave herself the stage name based on the English author Rumer Godden. However, it wouldn't be totally shocking if "Rumer" instead came from thousands of whispers buzzing throughout the internet ever since this girl first appeared on the radar.

Her forthcoming debut full-length album, Seasons of My Soul is filled with relaxing piano ballads, jazzy tunes, and several tracks where she really belts it out, giving us a feel for her show-stopping vocals.

Although the record won't drop in the U.S. for several weeks, YouTube is already filled with videos of her singles like "Slow" and "Aretha." Check her out below, and get a first listen of the girl everyone's talking about.