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    by · February 14, 2011
    We know, we’ve already given a shoutout to indie group Secret Cities in last week’s Good Listener. But since they’ve been on our iPods all weekend, we figured it was time to officially crown this trio our Band Crush. After all, any group that records their sophomore album in a deserted bank- and makes their low-fi, psychedelic pop melodies still sound really good- deserves some serious props. We talked with Charlie Gokey about crazy performances, ex-jobs, and why he loves the Midwest. You’d describe your sound as.....Hopefully it sounds like warm, strange pop music with hints of bands like the Shangri-Las and the Zombies. I like to think it seems happy and melancholy at the same time, maybe a little doe-eyed like the K Records releases I grew up on. Your favorite song off Strange Hearts is..... If I had to pick, my favorite might be “No Pressure.” Marie really outdid herself with that one; I feel like that song punches me in the face with melody.Your most memorable performance so far was...On the good end of the spectrum, there’s a micro-festival we played in Tucson with Free Energy and Mates of State. That show had life affirming music, free drinks, a waterslide behind the stage, a room right above the venue to stay in, and Twister (the game). On the bad end, maybe a show we played in St. Cloud, MN when we were 19; the only person who showed up was this big guy who was way, way on drugs.On the weekends, we can find you...Up until recently, researching and writing about pending legislation in Kansas (I’ve been pitching in at the local ACLU office). Now that I’m done with that, I’m not sure exactly what I’ll do on the weekends besides touring and playing shows. Hopefully I’ll cook more and go out with friends frequently, maybe watch soccer with Alex.Your favorite part about the Midwest is....The Midwest is packed with great culture and friendly people. Come vacation in sunny Minnesota! A song/band that you’re currently obsessed with is....Maybe this is cheating, but Alex from Secret Cities has a project called Tut Tut that just wrapped up tracking a new album, and I’m way into it. (Full disclosure: I helped a little, as did Marie.) Other than that, I’m listening to the second Orange Juice record daily.Listen to Secret Cities here!
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