band crush: slow club

if alice in wonderland had an ipod….

by liza darwin

We first heard about Slow Club because they were label mates with another of our favorite boy-girl duos (and fellow U.K. twosome) Summer Camp. But that's not the only quality these groups share. Besides the identical initials and a familiar John Hughes vibe, Slow Club's Charles and Rebecca have shared the stage with Jeremy and Elizabeth last year on tour.

But listen to a couple of Slow Club's songs, and you'll soon see that these Sheffield kids have officially come into their own. With folksy undertones, swaying melodies, and even an organ cameo or two, the band's soulful sound is so earnest that nobody can accuse them of being disingenuous. Overseas they've earned comparisons to the White Stripes, but we think their upbeat sensibility falls more into the category of Kisses, Two Wounded Birds, and even Tilly and the Wall.

Their single "Two Cousins" off their forthcoming album Paradise (out in September) is total musical magic, the kind of soundtrack we'd pick for our own daydreams. Watch the video below, and prepare to drift away.

Hear more Slow Club here.