surf’s up with this U.K. band.

by liza darwin

Between original surf-pop groups like The Beach Boys and more recent incarnations such as Surfer Blood and the Drums, beach bum bands are obviously a formula that works. And now it's time to add Two Wounded Birds to that list of groups that make you want to drop everything and head straight to the ocean.

This U.K. foursome makes hazy, guitar-ridden tracks that toggle between dark psych-rock and straight-up pop melodies that sound like the background to a John Hughes film. Singles like "Keep Dreaming Baby" has an '80s vibe that's undeniably addictive, whereas "Night Patrol" is a bit snarkier, filled with a haunting chorus that conjures up late nights at the beach. So whether it's dark or light, happy or creepy, Two Wounded Birds have some serious musical range, and that's what makes their debut EP so exciting.

Start your summer dreaming now and download "Night Patrol" here!

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