they named their song after their teacher. and yes, it’s really good.

by liza darwin

It's hard not to be hooked on Walk the Moon immediately. After all, with their swirly pop beats, infectious guitar riffs, and loud, sing-a-long choruses, this Cincinnati foursome is pure unadulterated fun. Their first single, "Anna Sun," has the same high energy sound of groups like The Killers and OK Go- needless to say, it's one of those songs that you just have to pass along to all your friends. But rather than just telling you about them ourselves, we let the boys officially introduce themselves to NYLON via Skype.

How did you all first meet?

Nicholas- Kevin and I knew each other when we were toddlers, and our parents were best friends in St Louis. We kind of parted waves, ending up moving to Ohio. One day I got his college graduation invitation and I went, and we reconnected. At that time I needed a bassist, so it worked out. He's kind of an asshole but we make it work [laughing]. I'd met a couple of the guys in the band before, we all went to Kenyon College.

What's the story behind "Anna Sun"?

Nicholas: Well, a lot of the lyrics are about memories from college. We actually had this teacher called Anna Sun, so the song is named after her. We actually sent her the song after; she and her husband are professors at Kenyon, and they've come to a few of our shows. I think we have their blessing [laughing].

The video to that song is so much fun. How did you come up with the concept?

Nicholas: The director's a friend of ours, and he called us at 2 a.m. one night and we came up with the concept of the shoot. Over the course of a few months we involved a choreographer from this avant-garde dance group in Cincinnati, and the whole thing kind of came together. We told everyone to come in crazy costumes and put their own mark on it.

If you could have your songs played anywhere, where would it be?

Nicholas: Once I got this text from my friend who goes to Butler and she was at a party at a frat house. She said that as soon as she walked in, everyone was going nuts to "Anna Sun." So I guess we want people to dance and frat out to our songs.

Kevin: It's about people celebrating the coming of summer, just having a good time.

Nicholas: The song definitely has this theme of the inner child. It's okay to play.

Check out the video for "Anna Sun" below!