tribal beats get the shoegaze treatment with this wild musical trio.

by liza darwin

It's tempting to try to label the Young Magic "sound," to try to fit their rumbling percussion, West African rhythms, shoegaze dreaminess, and hip hop influence into a neat little box. However, after just one listen you'll find that's kind of impossible.

Thanks to their mishmash of exotic flavors, textures, and instruments, this band is totally unclassifiable. Which, if you ask us, that's exactly what makes them so great.

Comprised of three expat friends (Michael and Isaac are from Australia and Melati is Indonesian), the trio's sense of wanderlust is injected into every song off their debut, Melt. The album is all over the place in the best way possible, stocked with weird ambient vibes that remind us of old-school arcade soundtracks mixed up with bits and pieces picked up from the group's global travels. Check out the sonic trip below...no passport necessary.

P.S. Young Magic has the #1 single in this week's Ping Report!

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