Band of Outsiders Starbucks

band of outsiders teams up with…starbucks?!

by liza darwin

Band of Outsiders might be best known for preppy-cool staples and ad campaigns starring all our favorites (Kirsten Dunst, Frank Ocean, Rashida Jones, and more). But these days the brand is exanding majorly, and this new collab with Starbucks is proof. Designer Scott Sternberg has crafted a line of ceramic mugs for the coffee giant, following in the footsteps of recent Starbucks partnerships with Rodarte and Charlotte Ronson. There's no question that this means your basic soy latte just got about a billion times cooler...(

An Instagram feed totally and completely about the resurgence of scrunchies?! Into it. Especially when there's Mary-Kate and Ashley, DJ Tanner, and Phoebe Cates involved. Click through the gallery for the best ones, then see them all here. (Scrunchies of Instagram

If you missed your chance to model for Marc Jacobs, we suggest hashtagging your Instagrams #walkwithkarl for a chance to work the runway for Chanel. Karl Lagerfeld is the latest to get in on the social media model casting game--and if the Kaiser likes your look, then you're golden. (VOGUE UK)

Emma Watson and Miles Teller are in talks to star in the new movie La La Land, but even cooler? Apparently it's a musical! (Collider)

The first trailer for Sailor Moon Crystal has landed! This Sailor Moon reboot premieres on July 5, but watch the teaser below. You'll thank us later. (Oyster

via @scrunchiesofinstagram
via @scrunchiesofinstagram