This Band’s Beer Will Knock You Upside the Head

by nylon

Roadkill Ghost Choir have given the words "blow me" a whole new meaning.more

Florida's finest indie-leaning Americana rockers have teamed with the Point Ybel Brewing Company to create A Blow to the Head beer, a Belgian-style IPA with a walloping 10 percent ABV. To promote this potent new brew, which hits stores this month, the band has filmed a couple of hilarious no-budget commercials, and in one, they introduce the slogan "blow me"—as in, "Hey, I'm in the mood for another Blow to the Head—blow me!"

The partnership was a natural one, as the Ybel brewers are big Roadkill fans, and the band members are, well, big fans of drinking beer.

"I've always been a fan of craft beers and specifically ones that are full of flavor and make your head buzz nicely," says lead singer Andrew Sheperd in a press release. "They created a beer that hits all the things I love about uncompromising craft breweries and it got me pleasantly drunk."

After performing at the Point Ybel Brewery on Nov. 22 to celebrate the beer's release, Roadkill Ghost Choir head west for their final half-dozen shows of 2014, all in support of their debut, In Tongues, which dropped in August.