Barack Obama Slams Donald Trump, Sings Rihanna On Triumphant ‘Tonight Show’ Appearance

The President slammed Donald and sang Rihanna

In light of this coming election, it's become somewhat of a cliché to talk about how much everyone's going to miss Barack Obama once he leaves office. But after a triumphant appearance on The Tonight Show last night—don't leave us Barack! 

Jimmy Fallon first brought out the 44th President of the United States to slow jam the news, which felt more like slow jamming his accomplishments over the last eight years. It acted as a reminder that Obama has done a lot in two terms in office—job creation, health care, same-sex marriage—but he's also a pretty cool cat. The whole thing culminated in Obama singing the chorus to Rihanna's "Work," which you could and should watch above. (And shout-out to Fallon for the nickname "Prez Dispenser.")

Following that segment, the president sat down for an interview with Fallon where he showcased his trademark balance of intellect and charm in a more relaxed setting than we're used to. Fallon lobbed him some questions about the end of his time in the White House which produced some entertaining answers ("Michelle and I will take a break somewhere, let the girls manage for themselves, hopefully, they'll be okay when we get back"), but everyone tuned in to hear the president's comments on the current election. He did not disappoint. 

“The main role I’m going to be playing in this process is to remind the American people that this is a serious job,” Obama said. “This is not reality TV.” It was the first of several shots the president took at Donald Trump, but his best one came toward the end of the interview when Fallon asked if Obama has been watching election coverage. "No, but I have been watching my new favorite show, ‘Orange Is Not The New Black,'” Obama said. Burn. 

Finally, Fallon asked Obama to write some thank-you notes, a bit Fallon has been doing since his days as the host of Late Night. It allowed the President to put an exclamation point on his appearance: “Thank you, Congress, for spending eight years wishing you could replace me with a Republican,” Obama said, as an image of Trump appeared. “Or, to put it another way, how do you like me now?”

Watch it all below, including a delightful story about the first time Obama and Fallon met.