BASECAMP Projects Our Darkest Insecurities

In a VR world

Have you ever felt like you're lost inside yourself? BASECAMP explores this complex concept in the music video for "The Hunter," as they articulate the duality of the hunter and the hunted. By the end of this moody visual, we come to realize that sometimes the biggest predator is yourself.

The Nashville-based electro-R&B trio told us that this particular track was the most challenging piece of their In Stone EP. Similar to the nature of the tune, the BLAWNKO visual is meant to convey the feeling of "being lost in the darkness" and desperately reaching out for an ally. 

The virtual landscape built out of CG and live-action effects really makes the search for one's identity seem like a thrilling adventure. BASECAMP adds, "The world is so chaotic and fatal, yet so strangely harmonious and life-giving."

BASECAMP's In Stone EP is out now via OWSLA. Get out of your head and watch the VR visual unfold, below.