bathing bad bath salts by great face & body

Relax away the bad…

by Christian Lavery

With the fifth and final season of our cover star’s hit show Breaking Bad coming to an end, everyone has been left in somewhat of a panic (and understandably so). I mean, no one show will ever be able to recreate all the methamphetamine madness that has kept us captivated since 2008. But there is still one episode left, and if the earlier episodes are any indication of the type of intensity we may find in the finale, we think that you might need a bath after it’s all said and done. Not just any bath, though -- one that involves Bathing Bad bath salts. Sold in similarly themed 8 oz baggies inspired by the show, the sky-blue bath product will help you to relax and wash away all your worries – like what you’ll be doing on Sunday nights from now on. Available HERE, along with a bunch of other Bathing Bad goods.