Beacon Drop Some Serious Science With New Electro-Pop Jam

by nylon

There's always been a lushness and sophistication to the woozed-out R&B of Brooklyn duo Beacon, and even as they evolve their sound, that remains constant.more

On Dec. 2, the group returns with an EP titled L1, and today, masterminds Jacob Gossett and Thomas Mullarney III have premiered the title track via Stereogum.

Twitchy, minimal, and less atmospheric than much of last year's excellent The Way We Separate album, "L1" gets its name and high-concept lyrical conceit from the position in outer space where a satellite gets caught between two gravitational bodies and falls into synchronous orbit.

"I wanted to stage intimacy and desire as natural forces," says Mullarney, the man behind those sad-astronaut vocals, "spinning with reflex and intuition, caught within different spheres of influence."

"L1" follows lead single "Fault Lines," which debuted last month on FADER. That tune also found Beacon edging their way onto the dance floor, gliding into the fray without wrinkling their spacesuits.