Bear’s Den ‘Islands’ Announcement

expect infectious synth-laden folk ballads.

Given the prevalence of bubblegum pop and electronica, it may seem as if the music industry has become somewhat convoluted in its values. And while club kids and bass junkies certainly dominate a larger part of the market than they have in previous decades, one thing is for sure: Storytelling will always have its place in music, forging human connections as well as a much-needed escape from reality.

Bear's Den has provided countless fans and unsuspecting listeners with hearty, heartfelt folk via their two EPs, Without/Within and Agape. Now, the British trio, made up of Andrew Davies, Joey Haynes, and Kevin Jones, will provide the public with more charming, sincere tunes October 21 with the release of their debut LP, Islands. But even though Bear's Den maintains classic musical values, that doesn't mean their work is stuck in the past. With a healthy dose of synth, ivory melodies, reversed guitar loops, and strong drumlines, the band is producing a new, infectious post-modern take on folk. The album, produced by Ian Grimble (Travis, Daughter), includes songs off Agape as well as new, never-heard-before tracks.

After previous tour stints with Mumford & Sons, the band will embark on a North American tour from October to November. Fan pre-sale starts Wednesday. Watch them perform an acoustic version of their song "Bad Blood" below.

Islands Track Listing

1. Agape

2. The Love We Stole

3. Above the Clouds of Pompeii

4. Isaac

5. Think of England

6. Magdalene

7. When You Break

8. Stubborn Beast

9. Elysium

10. Bad Blood